Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Swamp Thing Vs. The Phoenix

I love the Alan Moor run on Swamp Thing, especially the large scale adventures with Swamp Thing teaming with DC's occult characters against impossible odds in Hell.  Moore later took the character into a sprawling space epic and made that work, too.  I think Swamp Thing is just as effective when interacting with other characters and genres as he is in his own solo stories, so I am glad that he has at long last broken free of the "Vertigo Only" rule.  I'd love to see this match up, you just know there would be some great visuals.  The best thing is we wouldn't have to worry about who ultimately loses - Both Swamp Thing and Jean Grey have plenty of history with death and rebirth.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great combination.

I wasn't too keen on Swamp Thing in DC first, but his new series is very good and has plot connected to my favorite of all Ne 52 - Animal Man (cannot wait for the crossover).

VATICAN II said...


Anonymous said...

what do you think of DC's new logo, Ross?

Ross said...

It's a very odd design - the "peeled away" effect just looks like a big teardrop to me. It looks like DC is crying.

Neil Robertson said...

I first thought the new logo looked too 'corporate' and cold, but now I see it as a secret-identity shtick: The plain old 'D' is pulling off its mask to reveal a dynamic 'C' behind it. Wait until you see it on the actual covers to see how they slightly modify it for each group of DC titles.

Jason said...

It didn't occur to me when I saw this at IMWAN, but when I see it now ... not only do Alec and Jean both have a history with death and rebirth, but they even kind of did it the same way: Burning to death then sinking underneath a body of water, only to re-emerge.

Another parallel: In both cases it was later ret-conned so that the entity that emerged from the water was not the person who originally sank. Just a creature that *thought* it was the same being.

In short, this cover rules.

-- Doot

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