Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Green Arrow and Hawkeye

I usually try to come up with a text box, some dialogue or at least a story title for these lost issues but I liked the image on this one so much that I didn't want to clutter it up.  These guys would usually have a lot to talk about though - they are both superhero archers famous for their trick arrows, trouble with authority figures and marrying their blonde superheroine girlfriends.  Green Arrow got his biggest exposure ever recently as a regular character on Smallville and Hawkeye is about to hit the big time with the Avengers film (alas, with his more boring Ultimate look).  It's taken decades, but these two are finally getting the mass recognition of their more famous Avengers and JLA co-stars.  Can solo film outings be far off?


pblfsda said...

At one time they both had bare arms, too. Did you go with a 1980's Hawkeye just to give them some kind of visual differentiation, or (I'm guessing) because it's just easier to find a full length Hawkeye in the eighties?

Ross said...

I like that costume and the figures worked together...

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,


It's a shame that, except for JLA/Avengers or the DC Versus Marvel, characters like GA & Hawkeye have NOT been teamed up. It would be cool to see a GA-Black Canary / Hawkeye-Mockingbird crossover.

I liked Hawkeye's classic costume. Perez or Byrne really captured his look.

I would still like to see an Iron Man - Green Lantern - Daredevil team-up. That would be awesome, too.

dicecipher said...

This is a great team-up. Two of my three favorite comic characters.

Anonymous said...

....well you went and opened up pandora's box, Ross! We'll be expecting a Bird's of Prey with: Black Canary, Mocking Bird, Electra, Catwoman, Kitty Pryd, Black Cat and both Batgirls! Don't disappoint!

Dynamic Duo said...

Mike W. Barr's (my favorite writer from the '80's) Green Arrow mini-series in 1983 was the first mini-series I brought as a child, and remains my most cherished.

Uncle Twitchy said...

...both married their blonde superheroine girlfriends who are bird-themed.

Anonymous said...

I am loving this Super Family concept.....probably already in works but I would love to me Atom and Antman; Wonder Woman and Valkyrie ; Mister Fantastic and Elongated man and a 3-way with Captain Atom and Silver Surfer and Doctor Solar...........

Anonymous said...

I second the Three-Way with Capt. Atom, Surfer and Dr. Solar!!!!!!!!

Ross said...

Some good suggestions here and at least one I beat you to...

Anonymous said...

Three-Way with Capt. Atom, Surfer and Dr. Solar ???

Ross said...

You'll see at least a couple of them together eventually...

Anonymous said...

Ross, I think this concept will take you way into 2013. The possibilities and ideas seem simply endless.

Scott Bryan said...

I'm really loving this new idea you've been doing Ross! Amazing work. This is another cover I'm saving for my wallpapers!

War Machine/Steel
Mockingbird/Black Canary
Black Widow/Black Canary
Bronze Tiger/BlackPanther
Flash/Whizzer (GA versions)
Flash/Whizzer (silver age versions
Green Lantern(Hal)/DocSpectrum
MachineMan & Jocasta/MetalMen
Gaurdians of the Galacy/Legion of SuperHeroes
FF/Challengers of the Unknown
Ace the Bathound/Lockjaw
Sersi vs Cersi
Zatanna/Scarlet Witch
Vision/Red Tornado

Just to name a few.

Ross said...

Scott - looking through your list, I can tell you at least 13 of those covers are already done and just waiting to be posted, so stay tuned!

Bob Greenwade said...

You do know that GA and Hawkeye did appear side by side in the JLA/Avengers crossover, don't you?

They had an interesting relationship, with a (mostly) friendly rivalry going. It was one of my favorite bits in the mini-series.

Scott Bryan said...

Can't wait Ross! You're the man!

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