Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daredevil and Daredevil

I was surprised when I first learned that Matt Murdock's superhero moniker had previously been used by a classic hero, but I guess I shouldn't have been - "Daredevil" sounds cool and is a perfect name for a superhero. I always thought that the original DD had a really cool costume and it is cool to see him in new adventures again after all these years now under the name The Death-Defying Devil.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Is the "Classic" Daredevil from that Dynamite project that Alex Ross was involved with?

Anonymous said...

It definitley is! And I hope this means we will we be seeing more character's from Dynamite Entertainment? Ross?

Ross said...

Yes, there will be more from Dynamite.

-> Ray said...

He was Reddevil in AC Comics, and Double dare in First Comics.

SuperForce said...

... and there's *one* comic in which the original Daredevil appears these days and kept his original monicker: Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon! Because there, he's just a secondary character, so why bother changing his name as long as it doesn't appear on the cover (it's a trademark thing)?

I think this is the first time you make a mash-up Marvel could actually be doing, since Daredevil is in the public domain. I'm actually surprised they never even tried, and we had AC, First, Dynamite and Larsen do it instead.

Anonymous said...

Interesting! A hero named Daredevil who was published by the same company that did Nightro who was a mutagenically blinded superhero aided by an eye doctor named...Frank Miller.

Umpteen points, again!

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