Thursday, May 23, 2024

Kamandi goes Back to the Future


With all of sequels, prequels, reboots and re-imaginings that we regularly see from Hollywood, it is a minor miracle that the Back to the Future Trilogy has been left untarnished.   I have no doubt that there have been some pitches behind the scenes for a BTTF revival, but so far those in charge have resisted the urge to go back to the well. Let's hope for the integrity of the franchise that it stays that way. 


Detective Tobor said...

you say this knowing THE PLAY'S THE THING!?
movie, sequels, cartoon, video game, The Ride, and The Play.
just wait till they do the tv reboot.

by the way, what was that root that held the Hulk like that?

Detective Tobor said...

yes, i love the cover and the title VERY MUCH!.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Mr. Pearsall. Amen!

@Det. Tobor: It was G-root!

Davejonz said...

Another priceless match-up that just makes my comics nerd head spin with possibilities.
If only somebody out there was taking note of these, Ross, and actually getting to work on these combos of yours.....
(And as for this particular one, I'd bet money Kang is behind it all.)

Carycomic said...

@Davejonz: either that or the Delorean is actually Gigawatt the Decepticon!*

*Thanks to fellow CT Yankee ShadowWingTronix for introducing me to that character.

Anonymous said...

@Ross: according to a 2015 interview, the two Bobs (Zemeckis and Gale) assured fans of the film franchise that there would _never_ be reboots or sequels of this trilogy in their lifetimes.

Bob Greenwade said...

Anon@8:43 is correct. The people who control the IP are holding it tight, and quite reasonably so. The set is too inimitable, rather like The Princess Bride.

Maybe in 2045, the right cast might exist. But I don't know who that'd be.

Carycomic said...

@Anon843: that would make a great plot for one of those medium-budget made-for-Lifetime TV thrillers.

EVIL STUDIO HEAD: "I want them out of the way so we can do a remake of all three films. But, you're to make them look like tragic accidents! That way, we can make extra money off grief-stricken ticket sales."

HIT MAN (with suitably evil grin) : "Consider it done."

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