Friday, June 29, 2018

Please Consider Supporting STF: The Lost Issues

It is time once again for my yearly reminder about how you can help to keep the blog going - while it is a labor of love, it is still (despite what some may think) a one-man operation and can be quite time consuming to keep up on a daily basis. Every little bit of support helps.  This year has been tough - my advertisers closed up shop so I am trying out a different ad provider - not crazy about them so far, though.  As for Patrons, I actually took a step backwards and lost some in the past year, hopefully that doesn't mean that folks are getting tired of the covers. I've just moved to a new place and there are lots of expenses associated with that, so I am hopping to get a little more support to make ends meet.

The blog will of course always be free, but if you would like to help support it, there are a couple of ways to do so - by by making a one time contribution by clicking on the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page, or by becoming a Patron.  While I take suggestions from anyone, Patrons of course will get special consideration.

Thanks again, and especially thanks for coming by for your daily dose of team up fun!


Anonymous said...

Can you tell how much most of your donations are, or maybe a recommended amount?

Ross said...

About 2/3 donate $1/month, the other third between $3-5/month, and a couple superstars contribute $10 or more/month. I truly appreciate them all, they have helped me go past the eight year mark (so far)!

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