Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Nova and The Ray

The Ray was out of the spotlight for a while but I am glad to see that DC has given him a bit of a push in the past few years.  He's had his own animated show on the CW Seed, has appeared in live action on DC's Legends of Tomorrow (although I wish he had stuck around), and in the comics he is currently a member of the Justice League of America.  I've liked him since his introduction and it's good to see him getting around.


Anonymous said...

I'm more partial to the Golden Age/Earth-X Ray, myself.

Cary Comic said...

"Earth-X Ray?"

LOL! Good pun!! Yes, Cookie!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

About time Ray (Modern Age) finally got some love this decade! He had the early 90's, and then DC abandoned him, but now he's back. And newly gay or not, I'm glad he's finally getting his due again. I still say Quesada's 90's Ray look can still work today.

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