Sunday, May 20, 2018

C-3PO Vs. Brainiac

Reviews for Solo: A Star Wars Story are coming in and while the film seems to be not nearly as divisive as The Last Jedi, nobody seems overwhelmed by it either.  Donald Glover's Lando Calrissian gets the most praise, and the rest of the film is said to be okay, even if the stakes aren't very high.  I actually don't mind that it's a smaller story set in the Star Wars universe, not everything has to have galaxy threatening events to be entertaining.  I'll wait to see what general audiences feel once it is officially released before deciding whether this is worth a trip to the theater or just a rental.


Cary Comic said...

I never listen to the reviews of preview audiences. I go see for myself. And I can count on one-and-a-half hands the number of times I've actually been so displeased with a movie that I've literally walked out on it. Three of them being Steve Carrell "comedies!"

Re: today's cover? I'm betting that's actually C-3PX, temporarily reprogrammed to _believe_ he's Threepio! The better for terminating Brainiac with extreme prejudice.

Mike Shirley said...

Love it! I was just thinking about a C-3PO team up, though one decidedly less action-packed - C-3PO and Doug 'Cypher' Ramsey. Forget martial arts, they deal with language arts! :D

Bob Buethe said...

I wish someone would get the idea to do a "smaller stakes" story in the DCEU. One of the things that always appealed to me about DC Comics (pre-Crisis, anyway) was the number of stories about people, and not about world-shattering disasters.

Bob Greenwade said...

"Oh, goodness gracious ms! And with Artoo off with his 'Robo-Force' friends!"

I have to agree with Other Bob. Some of the greatest stories in comics history have been where the stakes have been human, rather than humanity.

Anonymous said...

And I'll have to agree with both Bobs.

As much as I enjoyed the 7 Soldiers of Victory storyline (in JLA v. 1/#100-102), the very first seasonal team-up with the JSA, that I ever read, as a school kid, had been one year earlier. It involved a pair of extra-dimensional teenagers taking their family's dimension-hopping saucer for a spin...without their parents' permission.

Along the way, one of them lost his baby brother and the latter's symbiotic rabbit-thingie!

Apparently, any lengthy separation of pet and owner led to a fatal case of empathic exhaustion. And, of course, the rabbit-thingie wound up on Silver Age Earth-1, while the poor little tyke was stranded on Earth-2...with Solomon Grundy.

The eventual reunion between tyke, pet, and repentant joy-riders (achieved with considerable help from what I now call "the Filmation Justice League") was absolutely heart-warming. That kind of one-on-one poignancy became an increasingly endangered species, however, the day DC allowed readers to telephonically decide whether or not the Joker should kill pre-Crisis Jason Todd.

More's the pity! :-(

Cary Comic said...

I couldn't have said it better, myself. :-|

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