Monday, March 26, 2018

Mister Miracle and Forge

Mister Miracle seems to be having a good year, with a new comic series that has been getting rave reviews and now the word of a New Gods film in development. He has such a signature look created by Jack Kirby, I hope that it is done justice in live action.  As a performer, there's no reason that his colorful costume, cape with high collar and all, should not be represented.  If I start seeing footage of Scott Free and Barda running around wearing black leather instead of their iconic looks, I will be sorely disappointed.


Cary Comic said...

I empathize with you, Ross. Remember "Trial of the Incredible Hulk" with Bill Bixby and Rex Smith? Smith's DD costume made him look more like the Shroud minus the cape!

Anonymous said...

If Scott and Barda wear black leather, Jack Kirby himself may rise from teh dead, walk over to the heads of Werner Brothers, and demand some answers.

Te thing I find most curious is how a movie like that would happen. Would it focus on Orion, with the rest in cameos? Would it be a group of gods (Orion Scott, BArda, Lightray, maybe Forever People) working together as a team? Will it be series of movies that focus on each?

Will people foolishly think Star Wars was ripped off?

I'm sort of interested, but personally, I would rather see a series of full length animated Fourth World films. Long live the Forever People!

Anonymous said...

My namesake is right. Some of DC's Finest characters work best as direct-to-video animated cartoons.

Bob Greenwade said...

Recently, other than the X-Men, movie-makers have been pretty good about staying true to at least the general design of the more familiar characters' costumes. While the New Gods aren't exactly household icons the way Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are, I do agree with you about Mister Miracle: he's a performer, so it makes sense that he'd wear something noticeable and attention-getting (in the manner of Elton John, KISS, Lady Gaga, et al). Similarly, Big Barda's design could be simply the design of her battle armor.

Turning to the other figure on this cover, it's nice to see Forge on here again. I'd been about to suggest teaming him up with Steel, but I find that that was already done in Forge's only other appearance on this blog. I wouldn't mind seeing that partnership revisited, though maybe Forge could team up with some other notable inventor in the DCU -- say, Mister Terrific II.

@Cary -- "Trial of the Incredible Hulk" was the only Hulk TV-Movie that I cared much for, and could see being made into a full spinoff series. The change in the costume bothered me at the time (I still haven't yet seen Netflix' Daredevil), but I could understand why it was done.

Mike Shirley said...

I keep wanting to suggest Mr. Miracle & Miracleman but then I keep remembering his name is really Marvelman :p

Glenn said...

Yes black leather reminds me of motor cycle gangs NOT superheros.

Forge and Cyborg would be cool; Cyborg repair man.

Cary Comic said...

@BG: Yeah! Religious censorship.

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