Friday, December 8, 2017

Detective Chimp on the Planet of the Apes

I enjoyed War for the Planet of the Apes and felt it completed the new trilogy well.  I do find it a bit too convenient that the same disease that destroys humanity and also grants apes higher intellect, but that's something you just have to go with.  Techinically, the movie looked great, the motion capture was very well done for the most part.  I look forward to seeing what director Matt Reeves does with Batman.


Cary Comic said...

OK! Let's get the ball rolling.

First off? You were right, Ross. This depiction is even more brilliant than _my_ suggestion! And it was, therefore, highly worth waiting for.

Secondly? I, too, enjoyed the CGI POTA trilogy. Although, I saw nothing wrong with the disease from the epilogue of the first film mutating and subsequently debilitating the human survivors. In hindsight, it makes archeological sense!

Two thousand years of increasingly low-tech living, alone, would not have reduced the 40th century humans (in the original 1968 classic) to Stone Age-level hunter-gatherers. More like Bronze Age, at worst! There had to be another disruptive factor, working in combination with the loss of high technology. And an Alzheimer's-like pandemic would be the most plausible explanation.

As to who might have been in that tunnel before Cornelius and Detective Chimp? I'm initially tempted to say Grodd (via a stolen Mother Box or Cosmic Treadmill). But, knowing of your preference for using Marvel characters on your covers (as a counter-balance), I would next hazard to guess...the Red Ghost and his Super Apes!*

In any case: thanks, again, for giving me the head's up about this cover. :-)

*Or, failing that, Grodd telepathically transferring his mind into the Red Ghost's body!! The latter's intangibility would make a great basis for phasing away from imprisonment in Gorilla City. Similar to how Bgztlians can phase their way to 31st century Earth.

FreeLiveFree said...

You know give that Planet of the Apes has had crossovers with Star Trek, Tarzan, and King Kong, I wouldn't be too surprise if there was a Detective Chimp crossover.

Anonymous said...

gettin' funky like a eat yer' heart out dusty r.i.p. dusty )....a little late but worth

Anonymous said...

There is a Green Lantern crossover which also had Gorilla Grodd. Excellent comic, and it left room for a sequel.

Anonymous said...

angel and the ape meet monkeyman and obrian or planet of the apes

Cary Comic said...

Or Detective Chimp tries to capture Catwoman who stole the voices of...The Monkees!

Cary Comic said...

In any event? Thanks again, Ross, for posting this. :-)

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