Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Walking Dead and Superman

I am looking forward to the the return of The Walking Dead.  Most of the first half of the season was about showing viewers how evil an in control Negan was, and Rick only got the will to fight back in the last episode.  It will be good to see the core group go on the offensive again.  I know at least one of them is going to get it because of a casting announcement I have read that will take the actor/actress to a new series.


AirDave said...

Wow! What a cover!

Anonymous said...

If you're talking about the Trek announcement, they've said she's doing both shows.

Cary Comic said...

Egad! Zombie Superman makes even Bizarro look handsome by comparison!

Seriously, though: I can't imagine DC doing a real-world crossover along these lines. For one thing, it would probably be the most limited series in comic publishing history! Probably two issues, tops. I mean, Superman has vowed to never use his powers to take a life. But, technically, these mutant zombies aren't really alive, anymore; are they?

So, Kal-El would be perfectly free to cremate the whole world-wide lot of them with his heat vision. The ultimate act of mercy.

Bob Greenwade said...

Yet another outstanding cover, Ross!

The Superman image looks familiar, though; I don't think it's from the "Death of Superman" arc, but I can't place it.

Ross said...

It's from Panic in the Sky, Bob.

Anonymous said...

poor superman dead again!!!....the guy can't catch a break....or can he???

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