Monday, January 9, 2017

The Teen Titans Vs. The Wrecking Crew

The Marvel movies have had a lot of hero vs. hero and hero team vs. Bad Guy with an army action lately and I think it is time for an honest to goodness villain team to show up.  Let's see The Sinister Six finally unite or The Wrecking Crew or Masters of Evil making life a pain for The Avengers.


Anonymous said...

"Let's see The … Masters of Evil making life a pain for The Avengers."

Well, they _did_ choose to leave Zemo imprisoned rather than dead following CA:CW…


Mickey said...

I could see this work, especially with the lineup of the Titans that you are going with. If all these characters had all been in DC or all in Marvel, this is a meeting that I could see eventually happening.

Anonymous said...

I recognize the source of this cover! One of the first issues of Silver Age BRAVE & THE BOLD ("still only 20 cents") I ever read!

Dale Bagwell said...

Back in the day, the writers of Wizard magazine pitted the Wrecking Crew against the Teen Titans, with the Titans winning, mainly due to Dick's strategy and the power of Rave, Wonder Girl, and Starfire, but being very sore and bruised.

Personally, after thinking about it, I think a Zemo-led Masters would steamroll over the Titans, due to their sheer numbers and manpower.

Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Nope! Beast Boy could/would change into an Amazonian frog and neurotoxically paralyze Pile Driver through the bare skin of his clenched fists.

Kid Flash could/would, literally, run circles around Bulldozer. Creating a near-airless vacuum that would make the latter pass out.

Cyborg's white noise generator could/would negatively affect Thunderball's ears, allowing Speedy to fire a balloon arrow that would pop in the latter's face (releasing the sleeping gas that had been inside).

Robin and Wonder Girl would double-team the Wrecker, himself, while Raven used her empathic soul-self to cut the crowbar's mystic link to the Wrecker.

Final victory: TT!

Anonymous said...

Wrecking crew is one of my fave bad guy groups. Great matchup.

Matt Celis said...

Kid Flash could take down the entire Wrecking Crew in a matter of seconds if the writers actually let him use his various speed powers and intelligence.

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