Thursday, November 3, 2016

Indiana Jones Vs. Aliens

I have gained a great appreciation for the artwork of Dave Dorman.  His paintings of the characters from Alien, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, DC/Marvel Comics and more always seem to capture their iconic essences perfectly.  He has an amazing knack for likenesses as well as the ability to cinematically frame his scenes.


Ken Roskos said...

Great combo! "Snakes. Why couldn't it have been snakes?"

Kid Charlemagne said...

Aaaaaand Mr. Roskos wins the thread! ^_^

Cary Comic said...

First off? I will not even _attempt_ to out-pun Mr. Roskos. His winning entry was thinking at its quickest.

Secondly? I can easily see this team-up as being a Dark Horse spin-off to KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. Picture, if you will, an opening flashback to the Mexican dig from which Indy and the double-crossing English guy are abducted by the Spetsnaz. Just before the abduction, Indy finds something that shouldn't exist in the ruins of a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican temple.

A piece of carved scrimshaw bearing the inscription "Razorback Whaling Station, 1904."

Flash forward to the honeymoon voyage of Doctor and Mrs. Henry Jones, Junior. The two of them have spent the day in Monte Carlo. And, while riding back to the ocean liner in a local taxi, they get knock-out gassed by members of...L'Union Corse. The reason? One of Indy's ex-girlfriends wants his help translating a certain whaling captain's long-lost ship's log.

The ex-girlfriend being Dr. Belloq's beautiful (if vengeance-seeking) daughter.

Throw in ERB's island of Caprona (aka Caspak) and we might even get to see how velociraptors would do against xenomorphs!

Anonymous said...

@Carycomic: Dude! I think you're starting to take Ross' covers a little _too_ seriously. :-(

Cary Comic said...

@Anonymous: I consider that a compliment to how professionally authentic his simulated covers look.

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