Saturday, November 5, 2016

Black Panther and Shaft

Because of yesterday's Photobucket outage, which resulted in broken links rather than a new cover, today I am posting a second cover.  Who says this isn't the swingin' STF age of  visitor satisfaction?

After seeing Doctor Strange last night (and thoroughly enjoying it - loved the Ditko feel to the other dimensions and the action sequences were very different and inventive compared to the usual blockbuster fare.  Benedict Cumberbatch was great in the title role), I can't wait to see what Marvel has in Store for The Black Panther.  It's got a great cast, director and set of characters so all the pieces are in place for another triumph.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ross, any chance Adam Strange and Dr. strange could do a team-up? Sci-Fi & Magic are always an interesting mix (I loved when the original Star Man was retconned into doubting magic)

Ross said...

That one is already on the blog.

Cary Comic said...

Hmmmmm! I wonder if that "creature" might be a Herbert Westernized Blacula?*

*That classic Jeffrey Combs character is the closest thing we overgrown fanboys have to a live-action Baron Macabre. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Jeffrey Combs would make a great Baron Macabre. But, Blacula as his pawn?! Nah-uh! I'd go with a clone of the Lizard. I'd love to see whose killer agility was more bad-ass: Curt Connors; or T'Challa's?

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