Thursday, November 17, 2016

Data Vs. The Anti-Monitor

Continued from yesterday's cover, we se that our heroes did indeed retrieve Data.  The Data and Picard-centric episodes were always my favorites from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  It's too bad that the natural aging of Brent Spiner probably prevents him from playing Data any further - there's only so many times they can drop in lines like, "Captain, I have initiated the double chin and love handle subroutine to more closely approximate the human experience."


Cary Comic said...

Once again, Ross, you do background research worthy of the late, great Mark Gruenwald, himself. I think he's the only other person, besides yourself, who would've thought of conflating Marvel's Negative Zone with the anti-matter universe first seen in STAR TREK: TOS and its Qwardian counterpart from DC. Absolutely brilliant!

Jay Johnson said...

Given that none of the Next Gen crew has aged particularly well, we probably won't see any of those characters again, unless its like McCoy's cameo in the first episode of Next Gen. But the tech is probably to the point they could do a CGI Data with Spiner doing the voice work, along with some 'battle-damage' explanation on why he looks more artificial.

Anonymous said...

Only two other comments besides mine?

"Come on, people, now.
Smile on this author.
Everybody get together
And review Ross' posting right now.

With humblest thanks (and deepest apologies) to the Youngbloods.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Anon. Inspired by today's and yesterday's covers, and the release of the Fantastic Beasts movie, I suggest a Starman Harry Potter theme: Mn'torr vs. the dementors.

Cary Comic said...

@ Anon #2: GOOD ONE! :-)

Ideas Man 2 said...

Oops that was me.

Anonymous said...


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