Monday, August 22, 2016

The New Teen Titans and Ultimate Spider-Man

I remember back when Marvel began the Ultimate Universe line of comics, they made a big deal out of saying how if they ever combined it with the mainstream Marvel Universe, that meant that they had run out of ideas. Well, that's exactly what ended up happening.  Most of the duplicate heroes were killed off, but Miles Morales managed to avoid their fate and is now a Spider-Man in the Earth-616 Reality right alongside of Peter Parker.  I still think all of these multiple versions of Marvel's major characters can sometimes dilute the properties, but I have to admit I really like his costume.  I am also interested in the rumored animated film featuring the Miles Morales Spidey - that could be very cool.

The New Teen Titans also crossed paths with Peter Parker....

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Cary Comic said...

Ah, yes! The "Battleword II" story arc...with Dr. Doom as God. How did sanity get restored? A "One More Day" deal between Mephisto and Reed Richards?*

* "He said, half-sarcastically."

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