Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chance Falconer and Doctor Strange

The first full trailer for Doctor Strange has arrived, and it looks as though it will deliver what has been promised: A Marvel film unlike any other that has come before it.  Indeed, the magical element is a brand new world for their films to begin exploring - even if much of the mystical moments in the trailer looked Inception-inspired.  The one shot that really sold me on the film is of Benedict Cumberbatch as the title character putting his cape on in his own signature manner.  It looks like a sequence right out of the comics.


Cary Comic said...

I'd say it was more MATRIX-inspired. Especially, the way that English actress (the one who played an androgynous angel Gabriel opposite Keanu Reeves' CONSTANTINE) made Cumberbatch seem to literally bend over backward before separating his corporeal and astral bodies.*

*And, before anybody starts groaning about spoilers, that scene is part of the official trailer that first started circulating six months ago! So chances are, it will get edited out of the final draft of the movie, anyway.

Kid Charlemagne said...

This cover gives me a similar idea: Cardcaptor Sakura with Doctor Strange, perhaps as his apprentice. Maybe Chance is his apprentice in this comic?

Or maybe Sakura and Chance together; they're about the same age--against a wacky, not-really-evil adversary, maybe Ambush Bug? ^_^

Isaac said...

I'd really like Chance to team up with Tim Hunter from the Books Of Magic. Or better yet, Harry Potter & Tim Hunter!
fighting over a magic bauble or copyright infringement!

Gerry said...

nice colours

Anonymous said...

How about Nova vs. Prime of the Ultraverse?

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