Thursday, August 4, 2016

Green Lantern and The Champions

I see that Marvel is once again reviving the Champions name for a new team.  This group will consist of a handful of the new teen versions of classic heroes that have hit the scene in recent years (Hulk, Spider-Man, Nova, Cyclops, Ms. Marvel, and The Vision), which is a pretty cool mix and could be interesting as a group if they have any kind of staying power.  Who knows with the pace that Marvel starts up and abandons new teams these days.  Whatever happens, I still prefer the Champions of the 70's, such an oddball grouping of heroes that somehow still worked for me.


ELS said...

But which mystery villain IS it? The Purple Man? MODOK? Hector Hammond? Now I gotta know! Hope this is a two parter... :D

Blaine Crowley said...


Bob Greenwade said...

I'm still hoping to one day see Marvel's Champions team up against Hero Games' Champions.

They could go up against Big Man and Foxbat (from the same companies respectively), both of whom are also known as Fredrick Foswell (though Foxbat uses "Freddy").

Bob Greenwade said...

Oops... I meant to say, "team up with" -- though perhaps a fight over the name would be a fitting opener, especially if it fits into Foxbat's Top Secret Master Plan (it's so secret even he doesn't know all the details!).

Anonymous said...

I say it's the Puffball Collective. An alien intelligence that was cast out of its hive-minded society after becoming infected by one of the Brood-like N'garai. The Hulk was briefly a pawn of that outcast during the "Crossroads of Eternity" story arc back in the Eighties.

"Coincidentally," DC came up with their own Puffball Collective in one of their TALES OF THE GL CORPS, roughly the same time period. So, both of them could be used as plot devices to bring these two factions, together! Assuming, of course, that Marvel and DC were ever smart enough to collaborate with you, as primary author, Ross.

Cary Killingbeck said...

Hey, Ross! Any chance of pitting these Champions against the Suicide Squad? I just got back from a 3-D sneak preview.

Warner Brothers did an awesome job. :-)

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