Friday, January 15, 2016

Judge Dredd Vs. Deadpool & Bloodshot

This cover came about as a request from Patron in excellent standing Tom Zilla.  I hope he doesn't mind the addition of Judge Dredd, but when thinking of a worthy antagonist for these two healing factor enhanced mercs, and he immediately came to mind.  I recently picked up the first issue of the revamped Bloodshot series and I was pleasantly surprised.  It definitely has me curious about what happens next.


Anonymous said...

You know; most overly-serious fanboys* would probably object to this kind of three-for-all on the grounds of: "Dredd lives in a dystopian alternate-future. How could Deadpool and Bloodshot possibly travel there from their respective Earths?"

But, as a fanboy who NEVER takes anything seriously ("No! Really? Duhhh!"), I would simply surmise that Bloodshot used his nanites to steal some of Cable's time-travelling ability...and voila!

Thanks for another thought-provoking concept, Ross.

*Koff-Mark-Koff! ;-)

Ross said...

Works for me, Mark!

Anonymous said...

No, Mark was the one who promised to never come back. I'm Anon Y. Mous. ;-)

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