Saturday, January 16, 2016

Brainiac Vs. Ultron

I was very excited to see my favorite Avengers villain, Ultron, starring in last summer's blockbuster sequel.  My only fear was that it would mean no Brainiac in a Superman movie for a while to avoid similarities.  Well, I no longer have that reservation, since I don't feel that Ultron was realized as well as he could have been.  The design of his drone robots were a lot closer to his comic book look than Ultron himself and having Tony Stark as his "father" (rather than Hank Pym), passing on a snarky sense of humor did not work for me.  The Ultron arc on the Animated Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes was a more satisfying depiction, in my opinion.  So, I say bring on Brainiac... and get Marv Wolfman or Paul Dini to consult on his personality and appearance!


AirDave said...

I would love to see Brainiac in a Superman sequel!

Cary Comic said...

It would be a refreshing change of pace, Dave. If only because it would give poor overworked Luthor a break! As to a gang war between Brainiac and Ultron? I see ultimate victory going to the latter. I mean, think about it! Ultron always has a long-range contingency plan. Such plans always include the means to mass produce superior numbers of duplicates of himself. And (perhaps), most importantly?

He has Henry Pym's knowledge of cybernetics and biochemistry to help him reverse-engineer Brainiacs's shrink-ray technology...and use it against Big B, himself.

The Doctor said...

I'd like to see Brainiac or Ultron take on or take control of the Cybermen!

Rob Collier said...

Brainiac against a army of Ultrons, damn!

I agree with Doc, I would like to see the Cybermen.

Dylan said...

Always did prefer this design for Brainiac, owing to my love of his Super-Powers figure, and his head-ship.

A Mindful Webworker said...

While Brainiac vs Ultron is a great cover, and concept, I couldn't help thinking, what if they merged ("networked" as it were)? That would be a bad combination.

Scott Cummins said...

In JLA and the Avengers (in the alternative universe created when Krona killed Galactus) both teams defeated a team up of Ultron and Brainiac. Would have been nice to see the actual fight.

Sonofjack Well said...

This story should SO actually happen!

My prediction: Brainiac makes Ultron his laptop!

The villain conflict I'd really like to see though would be an all-out throw down between the Spider-Villains and the Bat-Villains.

Imagine the following:
Kraven v. Catman
Vulture v. The Penguin
Black Cat v. Catwoman
Dr. Octopus v. Mr. Freeze
Kingpin v. Killer Croc
Mysterio v. The Riddler
Green Goblin v. The Joker (of course)


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