Monday, April 7, 2014

The Atom and The Micronauts

I was watching Toy Hunter on The Travel Channel the other day, and they came across some Micronauts.  It really brought me back to my youth.  I had Acroyear and my brother had Biotron, and we had others as well - those were some of the coolest action figures ever made.  Too bad they never had an animated tie-in - we might be watching live action Micronauts movies these days!


Bob Greenwade said...

What a natural pairing, Ross, and what a well-done cover!

Anonymous said...

I had Micronauts too, when I was a kid! I had Acroyear, Baron Karza, and this little space station thing with three little guys. I loved those toys!
Sadly, the thing was, that even though they were cool, they were pretty fragile and seemed to get busted pretty quickly. I had to use duct tape, and pretty soon they all looked like a bunch of guys that just came out of the emergency room after a bad car accident.

Anonymous said...

While I never had any of the Micronauts toys, I absolutely loved BIll Mantlo's Micronauts comic. The scope of the story, the characters, the great visuals from Michael Golden and others made it a brilliant comic to read and enjoy. Thanks for a great cover Ross, and making me remember one of the gems from my youth. -- Gregg

Robert E. "Robyn" Wronski, Jr. said...

Micronauts was one of my favorite comics series as a kid.

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