Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hawkeye Vs. Grendel

I was first introduced to Matt Wagner's Grendel through a couple of crossovers with Batman.  Those are some great stories and their worlds seem to work well together.  I have always liked the look of the Grendel mask and how the identity was taken on by multiple characters.


Prime Rose said...

Grendel is another indie title that i often gawked at but never brought because it was beyond my teen budget. In retrospect, I should have brought less DCs and Marvels, and made room for them.

Matthew Baugh said...

Grendel is a cool character, both visually and in terms of originality. The weapon vs. weapon aspect of him vs. Hawkeye would be fun. It would also be cool to see him against other intelligent characters like Shang Chi, Daredevil or the Punisher. Even better, a struggle with the Kingpin for control of the underworld.

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