Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hawkgirl Vs. Hawkeye

I am looking forward to Jeremy Renner's return as Hawkeye in Avengers: The Age of Ultron.  He was sidelined for most of the first film, so Joss Whedon has promised to beef up his role the next time around.  Hopefully we will see some really cool trick arrows and some of the brash attitude he displays in the comics.


Matthew Baugh said...

I hope they do give Hawkeye more to do in the next movie too. The way they're expanding the cast, I'm not sure how they can, but Whedon is very good at that sort of thing.

The cover is very nice, but I have some douby that it's physically possible to draw a bow that way. It looks like the string would have to pass through his chest.

Ed said...

Good looking cover? Who is the artist/artists? Reminds me of Perez.

Ross said...

That's a John Cassiday Hawkgirl.

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