Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The X-Men Vs. Lex Luthor

I thought that Luthor's power-suit was a bit much when I first saw it, but it has since grown on me, mainly from its use in the Justice League cartoons.  They did a good job of reconciling the various types of Luthors that we had seen over the decades in the comics, from corrupt executive to ringleader of fellow villains and even to his Presidential aspirations. The writers, along with Clancy Brown's excellent vocal work, always kept Luthor fresh and exciting throughout the various animated shows that he starred in.


Ed said...

"Dawn of the Lex Men"! I love it!

Paper said...

One of the things that I loved about Crisis on Infinite Earths was the "good" Luther from Earth 3 where all the heroes are "villains", and he was the only good superhero. I'm not sure if that was his only appearance (Crisis #1) and he and his wife died in that very issue, but I would love to see this character again.

pblfsda said...

@Paper: that Earth-3 Lex was introduced in DC Comics Presents Annual #1 in 1982. Presumably he was around back when the Crime Syndicate was introduced in the 60's but we just never saw him.

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