Monday, July 8, 2013

Robotman and Robocop

Marvel just wrapped up another Ultron epic and it is good to see him and Hank Pym in the spotlight again.  Ultron is easily my favorite Avengers villain and I really want to see him adapted to the big screen - hopefully this new focus is the first indication of that becoming a reality.

Robocop will be heading back into theaters with a rebooted version soon.  There is some impressive talent involved, but I can't help but worry that this will be another Total Recall type unnecessary redo.  I hope I will be proven wrong, and I will try to keep an open mind until I see some actual footage.


Rick L Phillips said...

The team-up I would like to see with Robocop is Eighth Man.

Sickness said...

The Elementals and the X-Men, or Justice Machine and The Authority or Stormwatch. Lets see more characters from Comico!!!

pblfsda said...

Okay, the Robocop figure is easy to find. It's from the first Marvel series (after the second movie but before the move to Dark Horse, so I'm guessing 1990?). But being a Doom Patrol fan I'm aware of how difficult it is to find an unobscured head-to-toe illustration of Robotman facing forward on covers. Also, that device strapped to his chest is the old model from the sixties and that's neither Premiani or Brown. So, the Robotman figure is (1) an interior drawing and (2) from a modern story using flashbacks to the Drake/Premiani period. After the switch to Vertigo 20 years ago, most versions of the group (Pollack, Arcudi and especially the Byrne reboot) avoided dealing with continuity issues. Geoff Johns and Keith Giffen brought them back and Giffen did a full issue of flashbacks for each of the original members. A quick check shows that this figure came from the Negative Man story in DOOM PATROL #6 (03/10).

So, how many covers did you hunt through before you said "Gah! This is futile!" and used an interior shot? Or had you always had that figure in mind?

Ross said...

I have amassed a massive image library featuring images (covers, interiors, sketches, whatever works) of any character that I think I may use. I poke around the web daily looking for new usable pics. I found that image on a Robotman Google search and just waited for the right place to use it.

Jon said...

Okay I got it: The Defenders of Earth (Flash Gordon, Mandrake, Phanton) meet The Defenders (Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange). Huh! Does that jazz you?!

I hope you don't mind my weird suggestions I love the sire and the only thing I want to see more of are "team" team ups.

Take care-love the site!

Ross said...

Defenders/Defenders? Now that's an idea with definite possibilities!

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