Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spider-Man Vs. Fly-Girl

As I mentioned yesterday, the Red Circle/Archie line of superheroes have gone through multiple incarnations throughout the years.  The latest version of the New Crusaders by Ian Flynn and Ben Bates looks to be pretty appealing to old school comics fans.  I especially like the designs of the characters, particularly The Shield and Fly-Girl.  Fly-Girl is the daughter of the original Flygirl, a character that has been around for decades.  She has a great superhero name that works even better today than when it was originally conceived.  I am hoping that this version of Fly-Girl and the rest of the Crusaders can find a solid following, because they really deserve the chance to thrive.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see this New Crusaders line on the shelves of Forbidden Planet or Midtown Comics in the NYC area. Are they available only online?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the New Crusaders only lasted half as long the DC version of Red Circle, back in 2011. And, that version was twice as good as their "First Impact" line-up of heroes back in the late Eighties!

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