Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doctor Mid-Nite and Moon Knight

These guys both have pretty impractical costumes for crime fighting, but I give them a pass because they just look so cool.  An all-white costume is probably not the best choice for a night-based hero like Moon Knight, and Dr. Mid-Nite's duds look kind of heavy and clunky for running around in.  That's the beauty of comics though, you don't have to be so beholden to functionality.  These outfits look great on the printed page, and that's what matters most.


John R. Platt said...


Bob Greenwade said...

Actually I can see some practicality on the costumes here, or at least some thought.

Moon Knight's white isn't so much about stealth, as about becoming a visual icon. Once he beats the crap out of enough gangs in 20:1 matchups, people will know him right away and not want to mess with him.

As for this iteration of Doctor Mid-Night (my main memories of him are just classic spandex), much of that outfit looks like armor, which can make up for a lack of easy mobility. If it's made up of lightweight materials (and what armor in comics isn't?), that can mean minimal restrictiveness for the protection.

Nonetheless, I can see how a story like this would work: the two heroes starts investigating what appear to be separate cases with little in common, but get together about three-fifths of the way through the story when they find that they're actually after the same enemy (I'd go with Kingpin, myself). And all in one night.

Ross said...

Yeah, I can buy your analysis of the costumes, Bob.

Neil Robertson said...

Of course Doctor Mid-Nite's outfit looks bad. It's not like he can see it to correct it!

Anonymous said...

heres a new twist space ghost and buzz lightyear verses 3 different toymen the 70s one the 80s one and modern one call it toy gory pun on toy story

Gernot said...

I remember Bill S. (the Moon Knight artist of the early '80's) saying MK's uniform was BLACK, not white. The white we saw was just light reflecting off of MK's costume. :)

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