Monday, March 5, 2012

Wildcat and Wolverine

I like that Ted Grant became a mentor to so many heroes in the DCU.  It gave an added depth to a character that I had always enjoyed anyway. It makes sense that there would be a go to guy for up and coming mystery men in training.  With Wolverine's spotty memory and world travels over the decades, who's to say he never spent some time at Ted Grant's gym?  I think there could be a fun story there!


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Now that is a very cool cover!

One of my favorite Wolverine stories is the All-Star Squadron that "revealed" that Al Pratt and Ted Grant had the same mentor. very cool story.

I like that nearly all the heroes have trained with Ted.

This would be a very cool story.

Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Logan is actually old enough to have trained Ted. Now, THAT I'd like to see. Imagine: Wolverine trains Wildcat who then trians The Batman!

The Nervous Ginger said...

I'm with Anonymous, on this one.

These are great covers, but the logic is a little flip-flopped lol! Wolverine would've been quite a bit older than Grant, around the time Ted was a young man, learning to spar; and if there's one thing Logan's "spotty memory" has never had an issue with, it was his fighting ability. It makes more sense that Logan would train the champ to fight, rather than vice versa.

Still, fantastic cover and I'm so glad you went with brown suit Wolverine!! Great work, as always.

Ross said...

These are the Earth-STF versions of Wildcat and Wolverine, so it all makes sense.

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