Monday, March 12, 2012

Supergirl and The New Mutants

I was a big fan of New Mutants during its first few years.  First of all, it was just cool to have a spin-off book from Uncanny X-Men... which seems like a crazy thing to say today given the gigantic amount of X-related comic books out there!  At the time though, it was a very new thing and a cool way to expand the world set forth in the original title.  Wolfsbane was having teenage werewolf angst decades before those Twilight kids became all the rage!  Those early Supergirl stories also focused just as much on teen drama as they did with superheroic activity.  The tales would often be more about getting asked to the dance than defeating the villain of the month.  Still, I always checked them out, if only to enjoy the great artwork. Jim Mooney could draw some pretty girls


Neil Robertson said...

FYI: I'll agree with you about the great Supergirl art of Jim Mooney. But that's a Curt Swan-penciled picture of her on your cover.

xrayspecs21 said...

Great cover! I love all of your work, but my favourite ones are the ones that are in the silver or bronze in terms of flavour, art, and characters. The dialogue on this cover really helps the New Mutants (a book I never read) seem like a 60's super-team! Well done!!!!

xrayspecs21 said...

(Is there some Murphy Anderson in that Supergirl figure?)

Ross said...

I had to go back and check, but it is indeed Swan and Anderson.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a Doc Savage Indiana Jones cover.

Rip Jagger said...

Nice blend of elements on this one. Beauty.

The New Mutants was a fun departure form the X-Men at the time, a return to the roots of the old premise of training young mutants.

It's not their fault that the cavalcade of X-books would overwhelm them and just about everything else there for a time.

Those early ones have real solid charm.

Rip Off

Mike Mitchell said...

I thought the initial run of New Mutants (hated the name, by the way) was really good. Better than most people gave it credit for, actually. But, alas, X-Mania swept them away and I have no clue what's left of them these days.

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