Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Guardian and Captain America

I have always liked The Guardian and think that is is too bad that never quite reached the heights of Jack Kirby;s other shield-wielding classic hero.  Still, he made for a cool supporting character in the Superman titles for a while, and has recently made his animation debut in a few episodes of the excellent Young Justice series. I look forward to the Avengers movie, although I feel Cap's modern-day suit does not look as good as the WWII version designed for his solo film.  I could forgive it if they had gotten the wings right instead of wimping out and just painting them on the sides (and will someone tell Thor to pus his helmet on already?)


Anonymous said...

my first introduction to The Shield was his appearance in All Star Squadron, with the Newsboy Legion. In fact, I thought it was cool to have one hero with a BUNCH of sidekicks. But I have not seen him associated with the newsboy legion since.

Anonymous said...

ooooops, don't know why I referred to The Guardian as "The Shield" (Carlton Comics, I believe, or Archie)!

Mikeyboy said...

The Shield is an Archie comics, MLJ, Red circle character. Charlton had the Peacemaker...his helmet was lame. ( No Shield though ) He was however more of a Nick Fury super agent kind of guy.
The Newsboy legion were part Of Kirby's fourth world...they were Adult versions of themselves and they were scientists that helped run CADMUS. The GUARDIAN in that series ( Jimmy Olsen ) was a clone of the Original and there were little clones running around or the Newsboys too. I love that series...great classic stuff.
ROSS? Have you done a CAP GUARDIAN retro cover...I seem to remember something like that,,,som,ewhere here.

Ross said...

Not yet but maybe one day... those early Cap covers are so busy though, It's hard to use them.

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