Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Batman and Cyclops (Retro)

I thought I would give Cyclops the retro treatment as well.  I understand that the latest event in the X-Men books is some major division between Scott Summers and Wolverine, leading to two dueling X-Teams led by them.  Sounds like more of the same as the X-Men seem to have been splitting up and regrouping for years.  For a nice take on Cyclops, I would recommend the X-Men: Evolution animated series from a few years back.  It features a slightly younger version of the character and gives him a nice arc through the run of the series.


pblfsda said...

Actually, for sheer visuals, there was a Steve Rude drawn mini-series sometime in the last decade (or late 90's) that I think was called "Children Of The Atom". It retold how the 1963 X-Men group was brought together, replacing the old Jack Of Diamonds back-up stories from the Roy Thomas days.

Anonymous said...

Are we witnessing a Juggernaut vs. Batman matchup? well, he could handle Bane, why not?

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

X-Men: Evolution was one of the better X-Men animated series!

Children of the Atom, eh...?

Rick said...

what batman villain is cyclops taking on?

Ross said...


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