Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Batman and Boba Fett

I'll never forget going to see The Empire Strikes Back for the first time.  Mostly because my brother Eric stopped me as I was walking out the door to say, "Oh yeah, one thing before you go - Darth Vader is Luke's father!"... Grrrr, I haven't let him forget that!  Fortunately that wasn't enough to hurt my enjoyment of the film, one of the best sequels ever made.  A big part of what made it great was all the cool new characters.  Yoda, Lando, Jabba, and of course Boba Fett were all welcome additions to the cast and expanded the story in fun ways.  Boba Fett with his flight pack, hidden face and bounty on the coolest member of the rebellion was the one that intrigued me the most, so I was definitely looking for more of him when the third part of the trilogy was released.  Unfortunately, I think Lucas squandered his potential a bit by having him go out like such a punk in the Sarlaac pit.  I think the filmmakers must have realized this misstep as they did give Boba and his father Jango pivotal roles in the Prequels, but it took a couple of decades before he got his due!


pblfsda said...

I'm sure someone way nerdier than I would jump at the chance to say it rudely, so let me just preempt them here and tell you that Boba didn't debut in "Empire..." He debuted in an animated segment in the 1978 Christmas special.

So, who hired Boba? If it's a Bob Haney-type script, he preferred making one-use only characters, probably because it was easier than finding out where any given villain was last seen.

Ostrakos said...

I think you mean Boba, not Jabba, in the post.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Cover. I must be getting more difficult to seek new images that you haven't already used, and create a theme as well! a monumental task. Not to critique the first two, but looks like you've found your stride once again.

Ross said...

I post these alphabetically, not in the order I make them (I'm about 200 covers ahead of what is posted on the blog). But one reason I wanted to return to B&B is that I fine tuned my technique, and looking at the earlier run of B&B, a lot of them are quite rough. I do have a rule not to re-use any images so it does get a bit tougher the more I do.

When I do my next title, I will use sequential numbering so those will be posted in the order they were created.

Anonymous said...

Oh nice one... Really like how this cover turned out.

BTW: there was a followup short story to Boba's dive into the Sarlaac pit in one of the Tales books if you're curious.

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