Monday, April 8, 2019

Tigra and Wildcat in: "From Champ to Chaperone!"

When these two first appeared together in STF #1265,  I didn't make their family connection clear on the cover, so I figured that I would rectify that here. Wildcat is known for training and mentoring many a hero through the years, it's only natural that he would do so with his own relatives. I hope he shows up on the new Stargirl series.


det_Tobor said...

Oh the difference a parallel world can make. I know Ted has been on Arrow and Brave & Bold, I think on JLU, but not much else. If he had 9 lives, would it help make him more known? And if Ted is concerned about dress code, what would he say to Diana's Cheetah?

Also, I found a youtube of possible interest:
Talkin' Toons with The Justice League (Talkin' Toons w/ Rob Paulsen)

Carycomic said...

I wonder what he'd say to Golden Age jungle girl Marga The Panther Woman? If memory serves, she had a great white bush piloting boyfriend named...Ted Grant.

Anonymous said...

At least Tigra's chest looks flat.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't make their family connection clear on the cover..."

Took it for granted?

Matthew Baugh said...


I'd love to see a team up back when Greer was the Cat, too.

Bob Greenwade said...

With #1265, you mentioned the possibility of Ted Grant appearing in costume on Arrow. With that show closing down after an abbreviated 8th season, I think it'd be fitting for this to happen during that time, at least for a short scene in the crossover (since it's Crisis on Infinite Earths, after all).

Bob Greenwade said...

Oh, regarding the two Anonymous posts above:

#1: Yes, it's certainly nice to see a superheroine drawn with a B cup, and still looking attractive. Women don't need to have Power Girl's figure to look beautiful.

#2: Well played.

emsley wyatt said...

Now if you could just work Cat Grant into the mix...............

Anonymous said...

I think it's sad that this cover conveys that women in 2019 still can't wear beach outfits to fight crime & not have it be an issue.

Male heroes like Namor or the Thing can wear beach outfits to fight crime for decades & no one bats an eye or lectures them on covering up their bodies nowadays.

Heck some heroes like Swamp Thing would parade with no clothes on & Bernie W. would draw him with noticeable butt cheek poses & they never got the flack that Starfire's (of the Teen Titans) breasts received.

Maybe to be fair, you should do the male version of this cover with a group of heroes (add Beast, Metamorpho, Neptune Perkins, Ultra the Multi Alien, Tigorr, Hulk, B'wana Beast, etc.)

They could battle Matt "Clayface 2" Hagen, Wendigo, Lionmane 1 & the Abomination.

Bob Greenwade said...

To the last Anon: Ted's a pretty old-fashioned guy. Plus, that outfit is pretty skimpy even as bikinis go (especially the bottom).

Anonymous said...

To the above Anon, I would have thought Wildcat's comment is completely in character. Conservative views on modesty, probably combined with considerations on practicality for the job concerned.

I'd be more concerned about the comments implying that being beautiful and attractive are necessary and beneficial attributes for crime fighting.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 830: Tigra's positively zoftig compared to Barbara Minerva's Cheetah!

Anonymous said...

Still love the "old" Tigra without a tail. Maybe she's more feline that way but it would look ridiculous in live action. Becky Lynch in a bikini, however, would make a great Tigra... if she could act. :)

Images of Becky ++++>

Anonymous said...

To Bob G. = Old-fashioned or not, there are plenty of those types that don't make an issue of of women's outfits. It's also awkward for Wildcat to say it at that moment when there are at least 2 more enemies to take down. I would think a veteran like Ted would have his priorities in order (no unnecessary issues on the battlefield).

To the Anonymous below Bob = Wildcat has worked with plenty of heroines who have "practicality issues" with their costumes (high heels on Huntress 2 for example & Zatanna wearing heels & capes [ not to mention a top hat ] to her JLA/JSA team ups & fellow A*Ser Phantom Lady's outfit isn't far off from Tigra's).

I don't recall him lecturing anyone on their choice of outfits & that includes Metamorpho in JLA #100-102.Tigra's outfit above is less restricting & easier to fight in than many others.

Beautiful heroines aren't necessary to fight crime in any comic universe (except maybe Harvey & Archie Comics). Most of the guys I listed above like Beast, Tigorr, Abomination or Ultra The Multi-Alien wouldn't win any male beauty contests.

6'7" She-Hulk has her height,muscles,strength & green skin working against what the average American guy is after. "Antennas" on White Witch & Infectious Lass might be equally off-putting to the average dude.

Element Girl, Negative Woman, Nameless, Morphea, Taz, She-Thing, Mystique, Dr. Medusa, Pantha, Harpis, Demonia, etc. probably wouldn't win any female beauty contests in their most popular forms (but it might make for a great STF cover).

April 10th Anoynmous = I agree with the tail on Tigra. It's not needed.

Anonymous said...

If one really prefers feminine human eye-candy over heroines, sitcoms with feminine human eye-candy might be "what the doctor ordered"; one great example, at least in earlier season would be the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Simreeve said...

"To the Anonymous below Bob = Wildcat has worked with plenty of heroines who have "practicality issues" with their costumes (high heels on Huntress 2 for example & Zatanna wearing heels & capes [ not to mention a top hat ] to her JLA/JSA team ups & fellow A*Ser Phantom Lady's outfit isn't far off from Tigra's).

I don't recall him lecturing anyone on their choice of outfits"

Those others weren't his niece.

Ross said...


Anonymous said...

Umm Simreeve What does being a someone's relative have to do with their political, social or religious views?

Like the majority of people, I don't limit those opinions only to relatives & I doubt Ted would either (considering how outspoken he has been in his history).

Also Tigra is an adult woman & being told how to dress by anyone (male or female) like she is a first grade girl is insulting & degrading especially in this day & age. Being sexist isn't going to get Ross more female (or even some more males) Patron supporters down the line.

Her outfit is Purrfectly legal in most countries (outside of the Muslim world) & Ted as a defender of liberty & upholder of the law should know that & respect that. That's why the cover doesn't seem to fit his character & the morals that he has fought for over his lengthy career.

The bottom line is he shouldn't be portrayed acting like Darkseid (an overbearing control freak) to her or anyone else on the right side of the law. Maybe Darkseid is her real uncle & using Wildcat's image to fight beside her (on the above cover).

Carycomic said...

It's just a one-panel cartoon, people.

Anonymous said...


Oh, good grief! I thought what Ted said was funny!

"Insulting and degrading" is someone who is thin-skinned and cannot determine the difference between a "control freak" and someone who is offering constructive criticism. In the comic book world, Ted is a hero who is very instructive in the art of fighting, and he could also be very instructive (and influential) in giving good advice to his "niece." Who can say? Personally, I believe Greer Grant Nelson's humanity is somewhat in conflict with her "inner animal" ever since she became one of the Cat people.

In any event, your superficial control of the English language, anon, with ad hominem attacks decrying "sexist" is over-the-top. Moreover, using the gender card with the sole motive of tearing down the credibility of the person who it is aimed at is not cool. Gender cards are thrown around so much in today's society that its practically lost all meaning.


You may not like everyone's opinion on here, but they, like you, do have the right to express them (in civil discussion) and without intervention from the thought police through knee-jerk shame tactics.

Anonymous said...

How about them Yankees?

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