Monday, April 30, 2018

Daredevil Vs. Brainiac

Posting a little early because I won't have internet access tomorrow... moving day!

Like many fans, I have thought that Brainiac needs to face off against Superman in the movies.  Finally, on SYFY's Krypton, we are getting a live action version.  He has only been in a few fleeting scenes, but I think that he looks pretty cool, even on a TV budget.  I just hope this doesn't mean that he is ruled out for a future big screen appearance, though.


Anonymous said...

Egad! It looks like the Mr. Kline of Earth-STF led DD into a trap!

Thanks for the bonus cover, Ross. And good luck with the big move!


Bob Greenwade said...

Of course, we have already had at least one live-action Brainiac, played on Smallville by James Marsters (who later returned as Brainiac 5). That iteration was hardly like any version of Brainiac that I remember seeing in the comics, though, and I don't just mean the appearance.

This is an unexpected combination and a chilling cover. I'd love to read the story behind it (if it existed)!

Scott said...

I remember this scene from Action Comics. Before COIE I never read Superman ( I did sometimes read DC Comics Presents) except for a run by Marv Wolfman where he was split into two separate Supermen by a magic enemy. Superman's powers were split among the 2 bodies. I did not pick up Superman or Action Comic, again pre Crisis, until Brainiac was made over into this. I like Luthor's new battlesuit which premiered in the same comic but I preferred the new Brainiac.

Anonymous said...

Scott, that was Lord Satanis. I remember that one: the artwork really did not work well in the black and white reprints I read.

Anonymous said...

Scott, I remember that storyline as well. Like you, I rarely brought Superman (my measly allowance was devoted to purchasing Batman, Brave&theBold,JLA, All Star Squadron) but i couldn't resist this storyline since it led to a team-up with Cave Carson and the Omega Men! DC in the 80's was awesome! Now....not so much.

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