Thursday, April 20, 2017

Indiana Jones and Thor

I was pleasantly surprised by the teaser Trailer to Thor: Ragnarok.  I thought that Hela and The Executioner looked great, as did The Hulk in full battle gear.  Even Valkyrie, who I was unsure about, looked great in a fleeting shot with her blue cape and winged horse.  Plus, they finally get Thor in a helmet!  The film looks like a big piece of comic book fun and my interest has certainly grown, so the teaser did its job.


AirDave said...

Kind of ironic that after all these years, Thor and The Hulk are back together again? Another irony, The Hulk and Thor seem to be the two "weaker" performing characters. Universal has pretty much shelved a solo Hulk film after the Norton one. The last two Thor films have gotten tepid reviews. Hopefully this will be the punch in the arm both characters need. I wonder if Lou Ferrigno has a cameo? That would be more awesome than a Stan Lee cameo.

Anonymous said...

Raj and Howard will be looking forward to this issue. ;-)

"Thor and Dr. Jones
Thor and Dr. Jones
One plays with lightning
The other plays with bones"

Carycomic said...


I prefer the Motown version.

"Thor and Doctor...Dr. Jones.
Dr. Jones! Dr. Jones! Dr. Jones!
Have a thing goin' on!"

Jay Johnson said...

Just got a vision of all archeologists cover -- Indy, Lara Croft, Carter (Hawkman) Hall, W. H. Littlejohn (from Doc Savage's crew), etc. Maybe trying to figure out something dug up by Cave Carson.

Anonymous said...

Why would Cave Carson need to consult with anybody when he could just analyze it with his cybernetic eye?

Bob Buethe said...

Cave Carson has a cybernetic eye? ;)

@Cary Comic: Not "Thing" with a capital T? ;)

Anonymous said...

@Bob Buethe: according to the eponymous title of his current book.

Carycomic said...

Dear BB:

As Ben Grimm, himself, might say?

"Wadda I look like? Some fershlugginer pansy from Yancy Street?"

DeathWarrior94 said...

I'm really excited for Thor Ragnorak to come out in theaters. I've been wondering since Age of Ultron what happened to Hulk. So hopefully the movie will answer how Hulk went from being in a jet to where he is now in Thor Ragnorak which I'm assuming is planet Sakaar. I could be wrong about that last part but that's what I gathered from seeing the trailer. On another note, I'd love to see a God of War/Devil May Cry crossover cover starring Kratos and Dante.

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