Friday, March 10, 2017

The Jetsons and Futurama

This is a team up I would love to see in real life.  I think there is even a connection there - just look at George and Fry.  Red hair, a cowlick in the back, an overbite... perhaps there is a familial relationship there that we aren't aware of.  I can see Bender and Rosie really hitting it off as well.


AirDave said...

A genre I enjoy is he cartoon-companion-comic. The Simpsons really exploded with their tie-in comics. The writing really managed to capture the gag-a-minute style of the show. Futurama was just as enjoyable. I haven't picked up DC's updating on The Flintstones - reviews are pretty varied. I think it was Archie Comics that produced the '90's Hanna-Barbera issues, which were pretty good. Futurama's animation is just amazing. With all the crossovers and team-ups going on, this one would be fun to see.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, George's boy Elroy could have his first major crush on an older woman...Leela!*

*No wonder Fry is trying to shoot them down.

Bob Greenwade said...

I agree that this would be a fun combo. I've never been a Futurama fan, though I'm a little familiar with the characters... and I agree that, though Rosie would be put off by Bender at first, the two would end up in a moment of passion, with a densely cliche-ridden farewell at the end.

Curiosity: Is the "Doomsday Device" label part of the original art?

Ross said...

Yeah, Fry was originally destroying Earth.

Cary Comic said...

"Jane! Get that crazy thing off our tail bumper!"

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