Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cable and The Legion of Super-Heroes

It seems that Pierce Brosnan is close to signing on to joining the Deadpool sequel as Cable.  I think this is great casting, I've always enjoyed Brosnan as an actor, especially his post-Bond career.  I hope he comes complete with lots of pouches on his suit and oversized weaponry for Deadpool to comment upon, there's a lot of comedy to be mined from including a no-nonsense type like Cable into the mix.


Anonymous said...

I honestly, in a million years, would never have considered these two for a team-up. Ingenious! Especially since I consider Mike Grell's LSH to be the epitome of their Silver Age greatness. That is; up until that story arc involving that Galactus rip-off called "The Prophet."

As for everybody's favorite time-traveling mutant cyborg? I can just envision him being used as a pawn by the Silver Age Time Trapper to try and get rid of the Legion, once and for all. A difficult proposition, I grant you, considering the presence of Silver Age Superboy! But, that, in itself, should not make the Teen of Steel overconfident. After all, most of Cable's skills (physical and psionic) were honed on the battlefield. Making him one tough customer, even by Kryptonian standards!

"Askani" body.


AirDave said...

The Matador and that Western with Liam Neeson were interesting choices. I admire how courageous Bronsnan has been - singing ABBA! One of my favorites is After The Sunset with Selma Hayek and Woody Harrelson. It would be interesting to see him with grey/white hair... Cable will probably be another iconic role, right up there with Bond and Remington Steele.

Bob Greenwade said...

All I can say, Ross, is that this is an extraordinarily good cover, with yet another promise for a truly gripping story. I think it deserves a really big hand.... Oh, wait. It already has one.

Anonymous said...

@Air Dave: "that Western with Liam Neeson" was a HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER clone called SERAPHIM FALLS.

Anonymous said...

Pierce Bronson ?

They'd be better off with Bronson Pinchot !

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous #2: Or John Rhys-Davies (who kicked so much orc butt in LOTR).

Dale Bagwell said...

Not feeling Bronson in this, but rather the guy in Avatar instead.

Very cool team-up that just fits even if you'd never even consider it ordinarily.

Kid Charlemagne said...

I always enjoy the Legion's appearances in STF.

Going off-topic: April Fool's Day is not far off; how about the Inferior Five meet the Great Lakes Avengers, maybe to fight the Ambush Bug?

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