Friday, March 11, 2016

Spider-Man and Animal Man

Well, the final Captain America: Civil War trailer has hit, and we have finally gotten a glimpse of the new Spider-Man.  It's just a fleeting moment, but what I see is promising.  The voice denotes a clearly younger Spidey and the costume looks to be the classic one we all love with only a few minor tweaks.  Coolest of all was that his eyepieces actually moved when he spoke - I am not sure how they will explain how a teeenager created a costume that can do that (I'm assuming Stark helps out there), but it will really help the character emote when in full costume - no more ripping your mask off every  other scene. Spidey!


Linneman said...

Awesome! Two of the nicest guys in the superhero game.

Pretty cool to see Vixen one day and Animal Man the next, too.

Rob Collier said...

Pretty cool concept if you ask me.

Cary Comic said...

I have to lol at Animal Man's rebuttal to Spidey. Because, the former might quickly want to rephrase that, in light of how true spiders spin their webs. Or, more accurately, from where!

Anonymous said...


This team-up would never have occurred to me. In fact, you've given me new hope at seeing Spidey someday teamed with Sargon the Golden Age Sorcerer. Or, maybe even the Elongated Man!

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh sweet! Thanks man, 'cause Buddy's one of my absolute Top 10 favorite DCU characters. Actually I haven't thought of this team-up either, but it'd be a really cool one to read, since they're both somewhat similar in temperament and morals. Hell they'd probably wind up bros in no time.

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