Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hawkman and Starhawk

I had hoped that Starhawk might joining the cast in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but alas, that does not seem to be the case.  Maybe  Marvel doesn't want to confuse audiences with two "star" heroes in the mix - I hope not because Starhawk was always cool in the old Guardians of the Galaxy comics, and I'd love to see him make the leap to the big screen.


Richard Fuller said...

Any combination with Starhawk is always good. Like this one.

Also a fan of any combo with the Flash.

Alaric Shapli said...

I'm still hoping that Starhawk will turn out to be Star-Lord's father in the movies. He certainly fits the "angel of light" description, and it would be a nice link to the classic Guardians.

The Known Universe said...

I did my own mini comics when I was in grade school. Starhawk and Hawkman was in that team and so did Nighthawk.

AirDave said...

My Avengers/Guardians history is a bit spotty, with blank spaces. Wasn't Starhawk killed and brought back by that guy Korvac? I remember reading an issue where they're all talking and the big reveal was that Starhawk couldn't see Korvac... Did I mis-remember that?

Sonofjack Well said...

AirDave, You are remembering correctly. That story was part of "The Korvac Saga" in The Avengers.

Ross, this is a great cover idea and execution!

Alaric, If Starhawk had sex with Star-Lord's mother wouldn't he be cheating on him/herself?

Rob aka Mediancat said...

Hawkman, Starhawk -- where's Starman vs. the Manhawks?

Richard Fuller said...

In the Korvac saga, Starhawk discovered Korvac, disguised as a blonde preppie named Michael living in the suburbs, was the threat, and Korvac made the mistake of re-animating Starhawk, but so Starhawk could no longer have any perception of Korvac/Michael as a threat.
It backfired, and when the Avengers and Guardians showed up at the residence to see the calm, placid Michael, with blonde hair and wearing shorts, they were about to leave until Starhawk angrily declared there was no one standing there.

The gig was up for Korvac.

Anonymous said...

Or the Blackhawks

Alaric Shapli said...

The odd thing about that Korvac story was that as soon as the Avengers realized who the guy they were talking to was Starhawk's inability to see him was inexplicably removed.

"Alaric, If Starhawk had sex with Star-Lord's mother wouldn't he be cheating on him/herself?"

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Starhawk is as close to the original as their Yondu is, I don't think that would be a problem.

Sonofjack Well said...

Yes, the MCU version of Yondu threw me for a loop as well, I'm not someone who thinks that the comic and movie versions of characters must be exactly alike, but I'm not sure why they took the "noble savage" embodiment that is Yondu from the comics and turned him into a good ol' boy leader of a bunch of cutthroats in the movie. I still liked the movie though.

Richard Fuller said...

Agreed on Yondu. They could have done that with any other characters who would have worked in that perception, why take about one of the best visually perceived and do that to him? Maybe that was why.

Richard Fuller said...

Is there a way to just make potential requests?

I always liked the 'team ups'. The first issues I saw were Marvel Team Up #35 (Human Torch & Dr. Strange) and Marvel Two In One #10 (Thing and Black Widow). I thought the titles were for second-string characters (this was my beginning with comic books.)
I was really disappointed to see the titles have a single character for most of their run. Same for Brave and the Bold and DC Comics Presents.

I enjoyed the Richie Rich and Casper team ups as well back then. Anytime characters from two titles met up, I was thrilled.

Today about the only place to see characters teaming up like this is the Scooby Doo comic books. They remind me of the old Scoobie movies, tho I wish they had the guest star's name up beside Scooby's, like the old team up books did.

I really like these Super Team Family covers, but already there have been three Thing and Green Arrows? It's starting to remind me of MTU with Iron Man.

It shouldn't have to just be 'similar' characters, tho again, they are good, just characters who it seems would have never met up.

Some I think would be neat:

Flash & Thor

Flash & Son of Satan

Flash & (Marvel's) Hercules

Flash & Iron Fist (I said I was a fan of the Flash, thanks to that tv show)

Flash & Falcon

Batman & Falcon

Even if these are never done, I'm still enjoying the covers.

Ross said...

Yup you can leave suggestions in the comments section - I may not always answer each one but that is because the answer is always the same - "Maybe!"

Batman and the Falcon have met twice, click on the Falcon label to see...

I like the Flash as well and he will be showing up again very soon... not with Iron Fist but someone close!

AussieComicFan said...

With ANZAC Day coming up in about a month, is there any chance of a cover with Ultraa?

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I think a more appropriate team up for Hawkman would've been with Adam Strange and the leader of the Micronauts. ;-D

Richard Fuller said...

Well, I got to go to work now, but will definitely be seeking Batman and the Falcon. I took Superman out of box he shared with Batman and put Falcon in there instead. No reason why the characters should be intriguing together, but they are.

Richard Fuller said...

If I never see Hawkman with Adam Strange again, or hear about the Rann-Thanagar war, it'll be too soon.

A good one would be crossing the Kree-Skrull war with Rann-Thanagar, or whatever war was the biggie in DC.

Maybe a JLA-JSA crossover with the old Avengers-Defenders meeting.

Cary Comic said...

@Anon: I get it. "Arcturus" and "Rann."

[Insert face-palm icon, here.]

Anonymous said...

The character of Stakar has been ret-conned to a plain old roguish anti-hero with the proverbial heart of gold (a la Han Solo). Played by Sly Stallone!

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