Saturday, January 16, 2021

Aquaman in the Marvel Universe


For this Anniversary Issue, I thought that it would be fun to spotlight one DC hero that never received the 100-Page Giant treatment back when that format was popular in the 70's.  Such an oversight must be remedied, and this blog is just the place to do it! This marks the first time Aquaman has met these characters, except for The Punisher - they also shared an adventure in STF #1438...


Davejonz said...

Watery brilliance! Oceans of fishy enjoyment here.
3200! Just amazing. Please keep them coming.

jlbgriggs2 said...

Love it! Not only are these team-ups aqua-fresh, but they are also aqua-tastic! Thanks so much for these daily what if's.

Horsefeathers is water logged said...

Arth-ur!! Arth-ur!! oh. Encore!! Encore!! silly me. forgot to change the aqua-filter.
When the creatures can talk back and don't need to be contacted telepathically, you can only Marvel at all that comes next. Hey was that Topo in the sea cave? Nicccee.
loved the Imp-possible world. Will he let Curry fly thru the air too? Would Arthur suffer air sickness?
Poor kid. Back in the seventies, there wasn't much Art for him to enjoy.
Hmmmmm...If he hadn't stayed with Mera and wed Diana instead imagine the kid they would have had instead of Art jr being killed.

Oh, and Amphibian's costume would have been great..... on Ralph Hinkley!

(@Cary - message for you 2 days ago)

Carycomic said...

@Ross: it's true. Aquaman was under-utilizied as the primary subject of reprint hundred-pagers. So, you're to be doubly congratulated!

Maybe, for #3250, you could similarly rectify the under-utilization of Marvel's Princess Python?

@Horsefeathers: finally found it! Thanks. :-)

Jim said...

Amphibian looks familiar, but I can't place him. Where is he from?


Ross said...

Squadron Supreme

Bob Greenwade said...

Congratulations on making it to #3200, Ross! That's a lot of faux covers that you've created here, and your work overall just keeps improving!

And Aquaman is frankly either under-utilized or mis-utilized in just about everything, other than the DCEU.

That title of the Mar-Vell team-up is, I think, a missed opportunity. Maybe on some future cover Animal Man can team up with him or Carol Danvers for a "Kree-ture Feature"!

And while I'm sure the team-up with Photon was mainly to use the title there, that's the story I think I'd turn to first if this was an actual comic, and not just because I love the character and would wonder what drew her to an underwater setting.

Comment Deleted could not have said...

Could a Skrull in sea creature form link up mentally with Aquaman?

Ross said...

Thanks, Bob - hope you caught Monica Rambeau's MCU debut yesterday.

Ross said...

Thanks, Davejonz, jlbriggs2 and Horsefeathers!

Lee Houston, Junior said...

Congrats on 3200 and am looking forward to the next 3200 and beyond!
While Aquaman is certainly deserving of the spotlight, what about the Atom, Hawkman, Green Arrow, and the Justice Society of America?
The individual members of the latter often teamed up with their Earth 1 counterpart's in that character's series and had solo stories reprinted once the team was revived, but their only 100 page issue was a special for nostalgia's sake long after the Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3200th anniversary! Btw: is that shark Aquaman's riding from JLA v. 1/#26 (Mar. 1964)?

Ross said...

It's from DC Giant #2

Thanks, Lee!

Bob Greenwade said...

@Ross: I did see "Geraldine" (Monica) yesterday. I'm looking to see what happens when she's herself again, and whether this serves as an origin story for her as Photon.

det_Tobor said...

3200 issues of Aquaman! Finally going to get the respect he deserves! He is the King for good reason. Great job of telling his life stories, Ross. Great to see
the aqua cave again.

Was it true they were going to make a theme park for Aquaman called Aqua land?
Best oxymoron ever.

fab work as always.

Carycomic said...

Seriously, though: what else can I add to what every other well-wisher has said? Not a thing. So, once again...congratulations! :-)

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