Saturday, October 17, 2020

Yondu and Green Arrow


Who would have thought that Yondu would become a beloved character in cinema?  James Gunn was able to take a low profile member of a low profile Bronze Age comic team and, with the performance of Michael Rooker, make him a fan favorite with movie goers.  Will Gunn be able to work the same magic with The Suicide Squad?  Will we all eventually be talking about the amazing story arc of  Savant, Ratcatcher or Polka-Dot Man?


Horsefeathers all a quiver said...

The Guardians!THE Guardians? No, not those Guardians. Make up your mind.
Forget the tests, we'll get Speedy instead. (or Hawkman.)

Carycomic said...

The answer to both those questions, Ross? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

You know, this would have made a perfect tie-in to the JLU episode where Green Arrow, GL John Stewart, and Supergirl visited the LSH in the 31st century. I can just picture GA getting separated from the other two because of a firefight with a Badoon occupation patrol. It would've been interesting to see a literal battle of wills between Stewart and Vance Astro (leader of the Late Silver Age GOTG)! Sort of a psionic variant of the old "mistaken identity slugfest" trope.

Unknown said...

I was glancing through what Ross wrote, just catching certain words, and Yondu and Suicide Squad popped up. Now I am wondering about a cover with Yondu getting pressganged onto the Suicide Squad. Could that even work?

Carycomic said...

@Anon1027: it would also have tied in, quite well, with yesterday's cover!

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