Saturday, January 13, 2018

Doctor Fate Vs. Loki

Many are speculating which characters are going to make it out of Avengers: Infinity War alive, given that a lot of contracts will be up and that this marks the end of Marvel's "Phase Two" plans. I'm thinking at least that this will be the swam song for Tom Hiddleston's Loki.  He has appeared more than any other villain in the movie series.  Plus the teaser trailer hints at him bringing one of the Infinity Gems to Thanos, which I can imagine leads to a confrontation that won't end well for him.


Anonymous said...

I remember Loki thinking he couldn't trust Dormammu to keep _his_ word (toward the end of the now classic Avengers-Defenders War). So, he tried to betray Old Flame Face, first!

Talk about "self-fulfilling prophecies."

As to an actual confrontation between Loki and Doc Fate? I must admit...I'd be hard-pressed to predict a winner. Anyone else, here, remember reading a reprint wherein Steve Ditko's Dr. Strange battled just an astral projection of Loki? And _still_ nearly lost?

The Silver Fox said...

I absolutely love Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I'll be sorry to see him go, if that's the case. I also liked Len Carlson, who did Loki's voice in the mid-60s Thor cartoons.

@Anonymous: I read the original fight between Dr. Strange and Loki's astral projection, in Strange Tales #123! Just re-read it about a week ago in the Essential Dr. Strange Volume 1.

Space Monkey Gleek said...

Considering that the Infinity Gauntlet series had Thanos immediately kill off half the world's population only to have things later reversed by the surviving heroes, I fully expect Infinity War to have a high body count that can later be undone with Avengers 4.

Jay Johnson said...

Given that Loki is a shape-changer, he can be recast fairly easily, and just say he got tired of the face that Hulk and Thor beat out of shape. They've already got the Winter Soldier replacement for Cap, and Banner's been recast several times already. Replacing Iron Man (maybe with an original character) is a just getting Stark (off-camera if need be) to let somebody else wear the armor. And unless there's a crying need for a fourth Thor movie, they can bring in somebody as Hercules or Ares to replace Thor as muscle in the Avengers.

Glenn said...

I am hoping the opposite happens - Tom Hiddleston loves playing Loki and after a Thor trilogy costarring Loki they have a Loki trilogy costarring Thor is next. Now adding Hercules to series would be absolutely great.

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