Monday, September 7, 2015

The Teen Titans & Triton / The Atom Vs. Ultron

I used to love anthology comics and it's too bad that they seem to be largely a thing of the past.  I loved seeing a variety of different characters, with multiple stories in a single issue.  I was a fan of Marvel Comics Presents and Solo Avengers.  On the DC side, I loved it when World's Finest became a dollar comic with all of the rotating back-up features and of course, Super-Team Family had a huge effect on me.


harry bean said...

the trouble with bringing back expanded books like those mentioned would be cover price id see either a 4.99 or 5.99 price and that would be too much for most collecters each month to commit to

AirDave said...

It was kinda cool, but at the same time a shame that Action Comics became a weekly anthology.

Right now, on my bucket list is to track down all twenty issues of Batman Family. I had three issues of that back in the day that I wore out from re-reading. Adventure Comics with Aquaman, Plastic Man and the Ditko alien Starman was awesome! So much story for a buck! If there could be an anthology with at least three stories for $2.99 I'd buy that. Batman '66 does at least two for that much.

Oh, and, "Awww, yeah, Teen Titans!"

Bob Buethe said...

Mixed feelings here. I liked the World's Finest and Adventure anthologies, but Action Comics Weekly only carried three features I really liked (Green Lantern, Deadman, and Superman, which was only two pages but was drawn by Curt Swan), and a bunch of other features that I was either indifferent about or really disliked. It wasn't worth $1.50 a week.

Anonymous said...

World's Finest was good, but i preferred Brave and the Bold and DC Comics Presents. Some great stories there, I really liked it when Deadman would show up in either of those titles.

Mr. Acer said...

@harry bean
I think there actually is a way that anthologies could be brought back and those pricings could be justified--make them magazine-sized, and sell them on regular magazine racks.

Anonymous said...

I loved World's Finest the first time I read one of their 100-Page Super Spectaculars (which included a reprint of "Riddle of the Four Planets"). Which, back in the pre-Bicentennial Seventies, was only $1.00 plus sales tax!

But, come the pre-Crisis Eighties, DC chose to cease publication of it in the world's lousiest way. Superman lipping off to Batman, in a needlessly, and uncharacteristically, snide way! :-(

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