Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Martian Manhunter and the Sub-Mariner

The chances of getting a solo Martian Manhunter movie are very minimal, and that's another reason I look forward to an eventual Justice League film.  J'onn has always been the heart and soul of the League for me and I would like to see him featured prominently.  Heck, if they made White Martians the villains, they could center the whole plot around J'onns arrival on Earth.

I'm not sure what the status of Namor is as a movie property - is he lumped in with the Fantastic Four stable of characters, or does Marvel have the rights to produce a Sub-Mariner film on their own?  I hope the latter is true because I would love to see him interact with Captain America at some point in the movies.


Dale Bagwell said...

Sweet, sweet cover as usual! Again, the idea of either a Martian Manhunter or Namor film is a nice one, but realistically? That seems iffy at best. But we can still dream right?

Also, how the hell do you copy the logo so damn well? I try, but can't get it anywhere as good as you.

also I have my own little humble blog. Here's the link if you're ever interested:


Ross said...

Any blog that features comics and The Beatles is always awesome!

The logo's for the MS Paint were created just like any other image on the page. The key was finding as big as possible a picture of the logo, with nothing cluttering it up. Logos with a black or white background were much easier to use. Photoshop has made the logos much more easy and once we get to those covers you'l see that it has freed me up a lot design-wise.

Greg Morrow said...

I think it is perhaps overstating it to say that J'onn "has always been" the heart and soul of the League, considering he was absent from the League for pretty much the entirety of the Bronze Age. The heart-and-soul aspect got a foothold with the Detroit League, but didn't really get cemented in place until the Giffen/DeMatteis era.

Trionic Trio said...

Beautiful and seamless! Have you begun the photoshopped covers?

Ross said...

Yup, I've done almost 100 so far. There will be a couple posted out of sequence (#182 and #258) and then the blog will go all-photoshop as of #354.

Diabolu Frank said...

Great left field match-up, with Garcia-Lopez (?) surprisingly complimentary to Buscema.

Greg Morrow is factually correct, but the "heart and soul" aspect of Martian Manhunter was hammered in so thoroughly from the last days of the JLD to the euthanizing of JLA, it seriously sticks for Post-Crisis kids. J'Onn left the JLofA when it was healthy, then put in some serious years after other folks bailed. I'm just happy that after half a decade of sporadic appearances and a major post-reboot ouster, folks still assume he would be in a JLA film. I'm not so sure myself, though.

Sorry. Running an MM blog forces me to drop a paragraph like that when this stuff comes up.

Mikeyboy said...

ross has his work down to a science...months back he posted a display in a " How it's done,step by step fashion " It was a little over my head lol....but it was informitive and helful.

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