Friday, November 1, 2013

Metamorpho Vs. The Absorbing Man

I think that this would be a really cool battle to see.  Metamorpho can change his shape and mimic any element, while The Absorbing Man's body takes on the properties of anything it touches.  That would make them an good match for one another.  Plus, you know that the fight would be very cool to look at as their powers make for interesting visuals.  I'd give Rex Mason the edge in this conflict, but Crusher Creel is skilled enough at using his abilities that he would make it a close one.


  1. ...Until Will Everett, the Amazing Man shows up to turn the tide of the battle for Rex! Or maybe that's Jeff Pierce, to make an electrifying entrance...

    Awesome cover!

    What is Bart Sears up to these days, I wonder?

  2. As always Ross, a good cover. Maybe next up could be Sandman vs. Clayface?

  3. where is this from?