Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Batman and Captain Kirk

It's true, Shatner makes everything better, and this blog is no exception. This request was a real challenge, I knew Star Trek had plenty of comics printed but was stumped as how to combine him with Batman. The design is a little wonky on this, but I think the story potential makes up for it.

I would have loved to have seen Adam West and William Shatner swap roles for a couple of episodes back in their prime. West would make a great Starfleet Captain and The Shat certainly has the swagger to be a 60's superhero!

If you haven't watched this Shatner music video yet, treat yourself. It's mesmerising:


Bob said...

If you haven't seen "Star Trek vs. Batman" from Racsofilms, you can download it here:

Almost as funny as your covers!

Rick said...

Shatner and West were together in an unaired pilot that took place back in the days of the Romans. It was before Star Trek or Batman. Shatner said he was glad it was Star Trek that the network bought because he at least got to wear pants. A friend of mine said he thinks Batman would have lasted longer if West and Shatner swaped roles as he thinks Shatner is a better actor.

Dave said...

Yeah, but The Shat's a pretty short that means they would have had to have Herve Villachaise as Robin...But still the lovley Yvonne Craig becuase she was on both shows...

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